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My testimony (Urdu & English)
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I was “everything” in my old life. For 15 years a very well known and respected soldier in the Swedish Special Forces, a man who knew many languages and had many friends. I had everything on the outside, but on the inside I was so lonesome, unhappy, empty and a captive in myself.

But in 2005-06 Jesus met me and changed all of that. Today I serve the Lord on mission trips to Bangladesh and Africa, preaching the gospel. I am so much more free, I am not lonesome and I have Jesus Christ in my heart. That’s what this testimony is about.

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My testimony in Uganda september 2017 (English/Luganda)
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My life changed from a boy in a Christian home to a well known officer in the reserve of the Swedish Special forces. But I was empty, lonely and unhappy. 2005 my life hit a brick wall, and then Jesus Christ stood there, His Arms open and by His Grace He took me into His Kingdom and changed my heart forever. This is about the life-changing power in the love of Jesus Christ.

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This homepage contains many sermons in English, both spoken and written form. If you search for the word “English” in the search field you will always find them since the Word English is always in the title of non Swedish messages.

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