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Tell ESPECIALLY Peter (English/Swahili)
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Easter is the greatest holiday for a believer in Jesus Christ, and the most touching story is of course about Jesus Himself, going to the cross.

But also the story of Peter, the disciple chosen by Jesus to be the rock, is very touching, when he during Easter is first promising Jesus to give his life for Him, then a few hours later totally denies Him, and then later is restored by the Lord. From Radio Milambo in English/Swahili.

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The father with two sons (English/Swahili)
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One of the most touching and powerful parables of Jesus Christ is the parable of the prodigal son, in Swedish the parable of the lost son. It is a message about someone who lives in his sins, just to one day wake up and realize that he has lost everything and has nothing here in life. Sad and poor he starts turning back to his father, hoping to maybe at least have food on the table, but is suprised to see that the father gives him everything back, for free.

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Walk in love, as Christ also loved us (English/Swahili)
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One of the greatest things about believing in Jesus Christ is to get to know the love of Jesus Christ, to be loved by Jesus and to love Him. And we are called to grow in love, for Jesus, for our families, for our brothers and all people. And it is all by grace, we can never ever produce that love in ourselves. This sermon is about this topic.

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