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The Father with two sons (English/Luganda)
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One of the most touching and powerful parables of Jesus Christ is the parable of the prodigal son, in Swedish the parable of the lost son. It is a message about someone who lives in his sins, just to one day wake up and realize that he has lost everything and has nothing here in life. Sad and poor he starts turning back to his father, hoping to maybe at least have food on the table, but is suprised to see that the father gives him everything back, for free.

It is also a parable of the son who stays at home, working hard to please his father, not seeing all the good things that his merciful father gives him everyday. This is a picture of a believer in Jesus Christ, working hard and trying to please God with good deeds.

And above all it’s a parable which showes us the Heart of Our Heavenly Father, how Merciful and good He is, running towards His “lost son”, happy to see him home again alive, not even mentioning the sins he had committed when he wasted his Fathers money.

Broadcasted via Radio Favor in Kampala, Uganda. In English and Luganda. God bless you all!

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My testimony (English/Luganda)
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This is a short testimony broadcasted on radio in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. It is about my life. It is about how I was raised in a christian family, but in my teenage i backslid and joined the Swedish Specail Forces and was a captain in the reserve for 15 years. I was succesful, but lonely and unhappy, but in 2005 my life crashed and I started to seek Jesus Christ and I met him in April 2006. I hope that you will be touched and blessed by listening to it.

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I Am God and this is My Land (Luganda/English)
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I Am God and this is My Land. Those amazing words were heard as a voice speaking to a drug addict who, “by happenstance”, visited Israel. He was overwhelmed by the understanding that there is a God in Heaven, and the Presence of God in Israel. Today he is saved and works to help other drug addicts.

When you love Jesus, you will love what He loves, and dislike what He dislikes. Jesus loves everything created, so you will love the atheists, muslims and hindus, but you will especially love your brothers/sisters and the Jewish people and the country of Israel, because those are the precious pearls in the Eyes of the Lord. Sad to say we see more and more hostility towards Israel, also in Sweden, also among believers in Jesus Christ, but I would say that if you call yourself a follower of Jesus and can not say from your heart that you love Israel, you should go down on your knees before God and give you love for Israel. Ask, and it shall be given! God bless everyone who listens, and God bless Israel.

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