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Don´t follow another christ (English/Swahil)
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I have been given the grace to go on mission trips to East Africa 8 times, and I have been blessed and happy meeting many beloved brothers/sisters and wonderful churches. But I have also visited churches where I hear that another christ is being preached, and that Jesus is not there, and it makes me very sad.

God is good and has given all of us so much, but the absolutely most precious thing He has ever given man is the gospel about His Beloved Son. Those who hear and believe are given amazing grace from God and salvation, the greatest gift God can ever give us.

But since this message is so important and precious, it is important that we preach the Gospel the way it is written, that we don´t change it. This message wants to open up our eyes for how serious it is in the Eyes of God to change it and to show how you can see if you are in a church where another christ is being preached. God bless everyone who listens!

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