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And the Word became flesh (English/Swahili)
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Connected with the celebration of Christmas, there are some theological truths that are under attack in the worldwide church today, but that we never must abandon. And they are: Mary being a virgin until the birth of Jesus, the Holy Spirit being the reason of her becoming pregnant, and that Jesus was 100% God and 100% man. This sermon is about these topics. (Radio Milambo, Kenya)

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Standing at the gates of Eternity (English/Swahili)
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This is touching story about the father of Carter Conlon and how he was saved right before his death tells us about the most important change of our lives: what we are going to trust in when we are standing at the gates of Eternity. Then we can trust in either our own goodness, or trust in the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. The first path will not lead to Heaven, but the shed blood on the cross, covering our sins, counted righteous because of faith in Jesus, that will give you entrance through the Gates of Heaven. (Radio Milambo, Kenya.)

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