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By His Stripes we are healed (English/Luganda)
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These words are some of the most frequently quoted words from the Word of God among believers in Jesus Christ today, all over the world. But the question is: what did God mean by speaking these words through the prophet Isaiah: by His stripes we are healed? Broadcasted via Radio Favor in Kampala, Uganda, and in English and Luganda.

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How to identify a false church (English/Swahili)
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The Bible predicts that in the last days there will be spiritual deception in an uprecendented scale in the church, and that is also what we see today. A listener from Migori Kenya called after one sermon via Radio Milambo and asked how we can see that it is a false church and not a true one, and this sermon is an attempt to give you some keys to see it.

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