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My testimony (English/Luganda)
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This is a short testimony broadcasted on radio in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. It is about my life. It is about how I was raised in a christian family, but in my teenage i backslid and joined the Swedish Specail Forces and was a captain in the reserve for 15 years. I was succesful, but lonely and unhappy, but in 2005 my life crashed and I started to seek Jesus Christ and I met him in April 2006. I hope that you will be touched and blessed by listening to it.

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Preparing to stand in the storm (English/Swahili)
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I preach once a week, every Thursday, on a radiochannel in Migori, Kenya, and the title and inspiration for this message was placed on my heart during the night before speaking on Thursday 19 of January. It is about what is going to happen in the world quite soon, even though I do not know exactly when, and how to prepare for it and how to look upon what is awaiting. I ask the Lord to bless, keep, empower and use everyone who listens. In Jesus Name. In English and Swahili.

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This homepage contains many sermons in English, both spoken and written form. If you search for the word “English” in the search field you will always find them since the Word English is always in the title of non Swedish messages.

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