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To Love Jesus Christ

Posted on 1 Oct, 2020 in Guds ord, Guds rike, Kärlek | 0 comments

When I was a small boy, maybe ten, we used to go to church. My father put his arms around me and my little brother, and I felt the full love of my father to me as his child. And I read the words, written in gold in the ceiling: God is love. And I remember thinking, I want to know who God is, and I want to know what love is. 

But when I was 17 I started to walk away from Jesus, more and more, but by the grace of God my life crashed 2005, and I turned back to Christ. And once in prayer the Lord showed me: Konrad, you have everything in life! So I thought yes, that’s true! But what is it that I wish I had that I don’t have, and I prayed: I wish my heart was burning with love for God and people, and shortly after that the Holy Spirit lead me to a first touch of Jesus Christ. 

The most important thing in our faith is what Jesus did for us on the cross, but Love is also very important. Why? Because God is love and because it was the love of God the Father that sent Jesus to the cross. And now God desires a response of love from us. 

I believe that all of us here want to love God, but we can’t unless Jesus first touches us with His love. 1 John says: in this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son. So We love Jesus because He loved us first. 

When I first came to Jesus, I didn’t love Him. But I felt that Jesus loved me and there was a longing in me to receive His love, and I also wanted to love Jesus, but I couldn’t do it fully until I first had received Jesus’s love for me. But when Jesus poured out His Divine, wonderful love over me, I just felt: Jesus, I love You! When you receive Jesus, it’s almost impossible not to love Him. 

We can all see that Jesus is coming back soon, and many prophecies speak about a lukewarm ness among Christians in the last days, and in Revelations Jesus said exactly that to Laodicea, you have become lukewarm. many Bible teachers say that Laodicea is also a picture of the church of the last days, and it’s true today, we see many becoming lukewarm, especially in the West. So it’s important to hold on to our love for Jesus Christ. 

So What does it mean to love Jesus? And How can I know if I love Jesus or not? Of course, only God knows, but there are some things we can look at. 

Jesus said that what the heart is full of, the mouth will speak. One sign of love for Jesus is that we love to speak about Him, love to think about Jesus. If we fall in love with someone, we love to think about that person, and it’s the same with Jesus. When we love Jesus, we love to think and speak about Jesus. 

Personally, I love to just say His Name. Jesus. When I say His Name, Jesus, I am often filled with love for Jesus and also joy. I had a dream once, and I believe it was from the Lord. The dream was: when you say My Name, your character and personality is shaped into My likeness. So say His Name often, it will do you good. 

Another sign of love for Jesus is that we Keep His commandments. Jesus said: if you love Me, keep My commandments. 

But an important question is why we keep them? When we are under the Law, we obey God’s commandments out of fear of punishment and as a way of accomplishing our own righteousness before God. The Pharisees were experts in this, they kept all the commandments, even the smallest. But still Jesus said they were further away from the Kingdom of God than the tax collectors, the whores and the thieves. Why? 

Because the Law will accomplish two things. Either you believe that you can keep the commandments, which no one can, and then you become proud, self righteous and a hypocrite, like the Pharisees. That’s something really terrible in the Eyes of God. 

Or you fail completely, like the prostitutes, the tax collectors, and they felt: I can’t keep the Law! I am a failure. I am a sinner! And then you are closer to salvation, because you see the truth about yourself, that you are a sinner, and now you are open for the gospel, a message of Grace and forgiveness. 

But we are not under the Law, we are under grace. And it’s wonderful to be under God’s grace, so many burdens that you bear are lifted away from you. Jesus said: come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 

What are the burdens we carry? The burden of sin is one, and it’s heavy. Another burden is trying to fulfill the Law of Moses, and that’s also a heavy burden. We try to do good in order to be acceptable in the Eyes of God, but it’s impossible. We also carry the burden of being self centered, putting ourselves in the center instead of God and our fellow man. 

But when we receive Jesus, we come under the grace of God, and everything is changed. All of a sudden we are free! Jesus said: if the Son makes you free, you shall indeed be free. 

When I was a child I sometimes saw the words: Jesus makes you free, and I thought: free from what? Also the Pharisees didn’t understand “free from what”? They said: we are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone, how can You say: you will be made free? The person who hasn’t met Jesus, is blind to this truth. Jesus said the truth shall set you free, and the truth is many things. One is the truth about yourself, that you are a sinner who needs a Savior. but Jesus is the truth so what Jesus also means is: I will make you free! 

And when I met Jesus in 2006 I remember crying out with joy and happiness: finally, I am free! I am free from the burden and penalty of sin, I am free from the heavy burden of the Law, and I am free from myself, from being self centered, and it’s wonderful. 

Now I am not under the Law, but under grace. Does it mean that I should sin? Romans says: shall we sin because we are not under Law but under grace? Certainly not! 

No, we should not sin, but now I don’t want to sin, I want to keep God’s commandments because I love Jesus, and because Jesus loves me. I am free, but I choose it by free will. And it’s a sign of love for Jesus. 1 John says: for this is the love of God, that we keep His Commandments and His commandments are not burdensome. When we are under the Law, the commandments are a heavy burden. You must do that, you mustn’t do that, and it’s heavy. 

But when we have received Jesus, all of a sudden the Commandments are not a burden, it’s a joy for us to do God’s will, it’s a joy for us to keep His commandments, it’s the desire of our hearts to love Jesus and please Him, because we feel how much Jesus first loved us, and then it’s just a natural reply: Jesus, if You love me this much, if You have given me all of this, I want to love You back! 

Jesus also said: if anyone loves Me, he will keep My Word. If we love Jesus, we also love His Word. Jesus is called “the Word of God” in the Bible, so when we love God, we also love to hear His Word. 

I remember during my conversion 2006 that I often went to church with such a hunger for the Word. I often thought: wow, today I am going to church, and I will hear the Word of God! Remember Mary, sitting at the Feet of Jesus, her heart just saying: Jesus, every Word you speak is honey to my soul and spirit. She loved to hear Jesus speak. That’s a wonderful love for Jesus when we love His Word. And Jesus will bless such a person. 

And if you today don’t love His Word, don’t judge yourself, because Jesus doesn’t, but say: Jesus, I don’t love Your Word as I should, please give me a love for Your Word. Jesus will give you the desire of your heart. 

Jesus said: As the Father loved Me, I have loved you. Abide in My love. If you keep My commandments you will abide in My love.

When we keep His Commandments, we abide in Jesus Christ and His love. But we all fail now and then. No one of us is free from sin. 1st John says that if we believe that we are free from sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us, and if we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us. 

There is preaching today, coming from USA, which say that if you believe in Christ you should not call yourself a sinner at all, you are only made perfect, holy and righteous. But That’s not what the Word of God says, as I just read. Even the apostle Paul called himself the biggest of sinners, and I believe there is no one of us who is more holy than Paul. I have met brothers in Sweden saying: I confess and hold on to only what I am in Christ, and I am not a sinner, I am only holy and righteous. 

Then I ask: do you only confess half of the truth about yourself? Do you only hold on to half of the Word of God? Is only half of you going to Heaven? 

I want to confess the whole truth: I am always a sinner in myself, in my old nature, which is not totally dead until I come to Heaven, but in Christ I am always righteous, holy, and I am saved by grace through faith and there is no judgement over me since I am in Christ. That’s the truth, and the whole truth. And when you love the truth, it’s wonderful to speak it: I am a sinner saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ! 

And remember: It’s impossible to be saved by good works, but only by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. There is no other Way to salvation. Jesus said: I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me. If anyone preaches salvation outside of Christ, he is not speaking for God, he is not telling you the truth. 

To love Jesus is also to love the truth, since Jesus said: I Am the truth. To love the truth is first of all to love Jesus and the Word of God, but it’s also to love the truth here on earth, to be honest, speak the truth, to hold on to facts and to love the truth about myself. And proverbs says that he who loves and receives correction is wise. 

So if someone comes to me and says: Konrad, you do this which is wrong, or you listen to this preaching which is not good for you, if I love the truth I receive it and I examine: is this true or not? If it’s not true, I don’t receive it, but if it’s true, I receive it and turn away from it. But if you don’t love the truth, you just push it away, without asking the Lord and others: is this true about me? 

The apostle Peter really loved Jesus, but Peter fell deeply When Jesus was arrested. it says that after Peter denied Jesus for the third time, the rooster crowed and the Lord turned and looked at Peter, and Peter went out and wept bitterly. The Eyes of Jesus are full of love, but also a blazing and cleansing fire, searching the heart. Peter loved Jesus so much, he was chosen as the foremost of the apostles, and he fell, and the eyes of Jesus Christ met his own eyes, and Peter was broken hearted. He wept bitterly. 

But what happens later? Jesus comes and meets Peter again at the Sea of Galilee, and three times Jesus asks: Peter, do you love Me? And in Greek Jesus says: agape, it’s a word for a fulfilled love, a perfect love. But Peter answers with fileo, it’s a friendly love, and in English it’s like: You know I like You! You are dear to me! All the boasting is gone, Peter doesn’t brag about his love and faithfulness, and Jesus forgives him and restores him fully. That’s the amazing love and grace of Jesus Christ. 

And remember, if you are an unsaved sinner, or a Christian who has become lukewarm, Jesus is not angry at you, no, Jesus is just longing for you to come back home. I had a dream this week about a beloved brother in Christ. He has started to walk away from Jesus, and I have been worried and sad, but in the dream he had turned back, he gave me a hug, and I felt such a joy in my heart and it was the joy of Jesus. Jesus and I, we were so happy that he was back! 

So Do the same thing if you have sinned or lost your first love. Just come to Jesus as you are, and tell Jesus how it is, tell Jesus the truth. Do as Peter did. Say, Jesus You know I like You, but please give me more love for You. 

And sister Liliane received a Word from the Lord, especially to the pastors: fall down at My Feet in fear of God, praise Me, thank Me, honor My Mighty Name so that I can bless you! 

When we love Jesus, we also love to praise Him, to sing to His glory, and that’s when the blessings of God are being poured out over us. 

And the last sign of love for Jesus I will mention is to love our brothers. Jesus said Everyone will know that you are My disciples if you have love for one another, and Paul says concerning brotherly love that we are taught by God to love one another. 

And when we love Jesus, it’s easy to love the brothers. It comes natural. If I don’t love my brother who I have seen, how can I love God, that I haven’t seen? 

So love for Jesus is many things: we love to think and speak about Jesus. We keep His Commandments. We love His word. We love the truth. We love our brothers. 

If you have all these signs of love for Jesus, then thank God for it, because you still have your first love. And if you don’t, don’t judge yourself, but go to Jesus in prayer and tell Jesus the truth. Jesus knows anyway, and Jesus loves an upright heart. Just say: Jesus, I want to love You, and I do love You, but I would like You to give me more love for You, for the Word of God and my brothers. Just Ask, and it shall be given. Amen. 

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