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The greatest feast of all times (English/বাংলা)

Posted on 22 Apr, 2020 in All languages, Bangla, English | 0 comments

The greatest wedding feast of all time 

A few days ago I was invited to Lotta Mondols wedding, it’s a cousin of Dolly’s, and of course I said yes, gladly. Because To be invited to a wedding is an honor, and it’s a joy. I believe most people love to go to a wedding, because there is a love in the atmosphere, there is a joy, and there is expectations for the future. A wedding is a wonderful thing, it’s a feast. 

I respect all religions, and I have studied all of them quite a lot actually, but I will say a few words from the Bible. The Bible also speaks about a wedding supper, a great feast in Heaven like nothing of this world has to offer. To be invited to Lotta’s wedding was a joy and an honor, but it can not be compared to this wedding. To be invited to this wedding is an unthinkable honor. At this wedding there will be a joy that is unspeakable, a perfect peace and Everlasting love. 

A wedding here on earth lasts for a few hours, filled with joy and love, and then comes the daily life, with joy and love, yes, but also tears, disappointments, sickness and death. But this wedding in Heaven is just the beginning of something new, because then comes an Eternity without tears, disappointments, sickness, and death, and instead only joy and love. 

And then you say: who is invited to this wonderful wedding? The answer is: everyone is invited! Lotta has invited many people, very generously, but Jesus is even more generous, everyone who wants to come can come, because Jesus has invited everyone. Jesus is called the Lamb of God, a Lamb sacrificed for our sins, and The Bible says: blessed are those who are called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! It means blessed are you who hear me today, because you are invited! 

Jesus tells a parable about a great King, who arranged a great dinner, and sent His servants out to tell those who were invited: come, for all things are now ready! But many made excuses and said: I’m sorry, I have bought a new cow, I must look after it! The King was upset, and said to His servants: go out quickly into the streets, and bring in here the poor, the lame and the blind, and the feast was filled with guests. 

The Great King is Jesus, the great dinner is the wedding in Heaven after Jesus comes back, which will happen soon, and His servants are many, among them me and Liliane who Jesus sent to Bangladesh to say: come, for all things are now ready! Today the servant of Christ Konrad has said: come to Jesus and the great, great feast in Heaven. 

Then you ask: but how can I know that Jesus loves me? Jesus seems to love Konrad, but does He love me also? Jesus loves everyone in the same way, no matter who you are. 

Then, how much does Jesus love me? Imagine that you are God, you come to earth which you have created, as a simple man, you do only good things, you are totally innocent but by free will you go to a cross, you suffer more than anybody has ever done, not only because of the nails through your hands, but because you take all the sins, all evil and suffering on this earth throughout history upon yourself, and you give your life to save you and me for Eternity. Jesus gave His life for you, That’s how much Jesus loves you. and when you are filled and touched by that love, you will never be the same person again! You will have a heart full of love, and Eternal life. 

And now Jesus says: Come to Me! Jesus said (Matthew 11:28): Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I Am gentle and lowly in Heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. 

Jesus is not an angry God, Jesus doesn’t demand a lot of things from you, no, Jesus is good, He is kind, He wants you to come to Him and let Him lift the burden away from you. 

And Come to Jesus as you are! Just come! You don’t have to change and be a better person before you receive Jesus, no, just come, receive and believe and let Jesus change you. 

The most important part of believing in Jesus Christ is the promise of an Eternal life in Heaven, But Jesus also wants to change your life and your heart here on earth. In 2005 my life totally crashed, After many years in the Swedish Army. I was sad, empty and lonely. I wrote a letter to my mother and asked: what should I do? She said: what about Jesus? I said: I have no Jesus! my mother said. Seek Him

And I started to pray and read the Bible, and in April 2006 I met Jesus. And I was filled with an indescribable love. I felt like I wanted to embrace all of the world, I was so in love with Jesus and filled with His Divine love for everyone. No matter the color of the skin, no matter if you are rich or poor, no matter what religion you belong to, I felt love, and that is the love of Jesus. It’s offered to everyone, just to receive. 

And I thought: what are all people doing outside of Jesus Christ? How can anyone say no to this, say no to what Jesus wants to give us? I thought: come, just come to Jesus! Jesus loves you so much, receive His love! 

And I also felt: finally I am free! When I was a kid we went to church and I saw the text on cars: Jesus sets you free! And I thought: what do you mean free? But then I understood, and it was like a heavy burden had been lifted off me, and it was Jesus forgiving me my sins and lifting off the burden of sin. 

And I was born again. Jesus said that if you are not born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God. Jesus gave me a totally new life. I am no longer empty, sad or lonely. Yes, things can happen so that I am sad for some time, but I am not filled with sadness. Today I have a love, a joy and a peace inside of me that I didn’t have before. 

And I never feel lonely. Everywhere I go I see beloved brothers and friends, and even when I am alone in the forest in BYSKE, I don’t feel lonely, because I feel Jesus beside me. I have a completely new life. The same thing Jesus will do in your life and heart. 

Then you ask: the Bible speaks about Jesus, that He died in the cross and is alive today, but how can we know that it’s true? I know this is true, because I have seen Jesus myself, and I have met Jesus several times, and I will tell you about one time.

Summer 2006. 

So I know myself that this is true. I know that Jesus is alive, I have seen Him, I have met Him! And Jesus has promised that those who believe in Him shall enter Heaven. 

And the best thing in Heaven is to be with Jesus. I got this panjabi a few days ago, and I love it, because it makes me think about a few words about Heaven. To the church of Sardis, where many were at a risk of being lost, but some were faithful to Jesus, He said: but you have a few names even in Sardis who have not defiled their garments and they shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy. 

When I wear this panjabi I feel like I am dressed in white clothes, and Jesus says: Konrad, you will walk with Me in white. I took a walk with my mother in May 2007, and during the walk I thought about Jesus all the time, and I felt Jesus walking by our side. When we came back home my mother said: Konrad, today I felt Jesus walking so close, so close. When Jesus is close, the atmosphere is lovely, and to be with Jesus is like nothing else. To be with Bishnu and Dolly is wonderful, but to be with Jesus is something much better. Jesus is so sweet, so kind, so humble, so full of love and grace. Here on earth the presence of Jesus comes and goes, also for us who believe in Him. sometimes Jesus is so close, but sometimes it feels like He is far away. but Heaven is to be with Jesus all the time, for all of Eternity. You can also one day walk with Jesus in white, and That’s the best thing about Heaven. 

Now you ask: what should I do to come to this place called Heaven? What should I do to have the love of Jesus in my heart? You should do nothing! Jesus said on the cross: it’s finished! Jesus has paid the full price for you and me, all of our sins are forgiven, you should do nothing! You just receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, ask Jesus to forgive your sins and Jesus will forgive you totally and you believe in Christ, and all of this will be yours! Jesus will live in your heart and Heaven will be your Eternal Home. 

And if you are here today and you want to have a part of all of this and want to receive Jesus Christ, we can pray for you. If you are sick we can also pray for you, and if you want to you can have a Bible for free. Amen. Let’s pray. 

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