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Prepare for difficult times (English/Luganda)

Posted on 4 Dec, 2019 in All languages, English, Luganda | 5 comments

Prepare for difficult times

As I started to prepare for our mission trip to Africa I prayed: Jesus, give me the right messages for Africa. And the first thing that came to my heart was this subject, and I felt spiritual inspiration as I wrote. When I had finished I thought that it’s not a very easy message, so I wrote a brother in Finland who I know hears the voice of the Lord, and said: I have written a sermon for Africa, just ask the Lord if it’s the right message. Within five minutes he had received a Word from the Lord: Philippians 2:13: for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. So I said: ok, Lord, I will obey You! I will preach it.

This is a rather serious message. It’s a prophetic sermon based upon what the Lord has shown me in dreams, but also upon other prophecies that I have read. It concerns especially the Western World, but it will also affect large parts of the world, also Africa.

The Lord doesn’t give us prophecies to scare us, but to prepare His own people so that they are not taken by surprise and stand confused, but so they can stand firm and say: the Lord has said that this was to come. It means He has everything under full control and that I don’t have to be afraid.

The Lord already has a plan for His own people for this time. The Lord is never taken by surprise, don’t forget that. And maybe one day you will even say: thank You Jesus that you sent Konrad here with this message, thank You Jesus that I came to church and heard it so I was ready for it.

I love my country Sweden, and in my old life I served for 15 years in the absolute military elite in the Swedish Special Forces. I was trained often and hard to defend my country. I loved my country then, and I still love it. I pray for my country, but I also have a burden for it.

The last three years the Lord has given me maybe 10-15 dreams about a Russian attack on Sweden, and our country is caught off guard and an easy target. My mother, who is really close to Jesus, saw in a dream 2015 wave after wave of Russian bomber aircraft sweeping over Sweden, and she woke up shaken. My father saw in a dream Russian soldiers and tanks outside their house. Many others have seen the same thing. I truly believe it’s going to happen, unless Sweden by a miracle repents.

(The Swedish defense has been almost totally disarmed after the Cold War ended in 1990. During the Cold War we had a rather strong defense, considering how small Sweden is, but today we have almost nothing. But in my old life I trusted in numbers, in Special Forces, in tanks and artillery, but today I believe that doesn’t count, what counts is if God fights for you or against you, because that’s what the Word of God says.)

These dreams has made me take part of other prophecies, among them the prophecy of Valdres from 1968, which you can find on my Homepage. You will find it if you on Google search for search “Jesus Christ Valdres”. The prophecy of Valdres has had an amazing accuracy. I have also read prophecies by David Wilkerson and others, and they all say the same thing: there is a conflict coming between the Western World against Russia and China, and Russia and China will win.

And if we today look around the world, we see that the Cold War is back since many years, we see tensions in Ukraine, Korea, Iran, Syria and as always in Israel. I can see that something is coming, but I don’t know when. In One year? Two years? Five? I don’t know. But it’s not so far away, so we need to get ready.

I believe this is what we call the Great Tribulation. Some prophecies say that the rapture will take place in the beginning of this, and that the Antichrist will rise out of the chaos that follows. Prophecies are important, but remember there are many various doctrines about when the rapture comes, before the Great Tribulation and the Antichrist, in the middle or after it. I believe that we should be ready every day, but in 2 Thessalonians 2 Paul writes about the Coming of The Lord that we should not be deceived, because that day can not come until the falling away comes first and the Man of Lawlessness appears openly. These words I understand as that we might very well still be here when the Antichrist comes.

(Listen carefully to me now, please. I believe that chaos over most of the world will cause fear, and fear will cause the falling away to the Antichrist. So if you see fear spreading, remember what Jesus said: fear not! I believe that we all will sense fear in our hearts when this comes, but then you should remember NOT to let fear grip your heart and govern your decisions. You have Jesus Christ inside of you and by your side, so there is no reason to fear.)

The Antichrist will come as a savior out of chaos and fear, he will show great signs and wonders, bring peace and order out of chaos, and will unite all religions and say they all have the same God. I believe that he will seem good, speak about peace, love and tolerance, but he is an imposter. If the believers in Christ are still here when he appears, I believe that many will be deceived. So please, for the sake of your Eternal soul, remember these words. Don’t be deceived.

That’s the bad news, so what are the good news?

This message is for all of God’s people, whoever listens to it, but since I am in Africa now, I want to say that these prophecies all say, that it will be much easier in Africa, South America and Asia. The hardest part will be for us who live in the West, because they all say that the West will loose. And it will be hard for Sweden, also for those who belong to Jesus Christ.

So the good news for Africa is that it will be easier here, but I have even better news for those who believe in Jesus Christ all over the world. First of all: you are saved! Just hold on to Jesus Christ and nothing can hurt you, only bring you into Heaven.

But also good news for our time here on earth. Because Jesus is the Lord, Ruler of Heaven and earth, He will be with you, and Jesus comes walking on the water in the storm and says to His disciples: I Am! Don’t be afraid! Jesus knows the future fully and even more: He holds it in His Hands and has everything under full control.

And Jesus even says: be of good cheer! Because these shakings mean that I Am coming soon! I Am Coming to be with you, and never part again. I Am coming and you will have rest, full peace, abundant grace and unspeakable joy forever. So don’t be afraid, no, when you see all these things happen, lift up your heads, set your gaze upon Heaven and rejoice, because your deliverance, your redemption draws near.

the Lord has shown me: don’t be afraid, Konrad. but prepare. As I said it will be easier here than for the West, but I believe it will affect also Africa, so I believe that you should also be prepared.

So how do we prepare? The first step to prepare is to get right with God! If you are not saved or have backslided from Jesus, you need to come to Jesus today, ask His forgiveness and receive Him. To be in Jesus’s Christ is the safest place you can ever find!

I believe that we will need faith to stand in the storm, so prepare by strengthening your faith, and faith comes by hearing the Word of God. When we read the Word and listen to good preaching, faith rises in our hearts. Jesus creates faith in us when we hear the Word. So read the Bible, and focus especially upon the promises, the examples of God’s faithfulness, examples of unbelievable rescues, like in the burning oven of Nebukadnezzar in Daniel.

Jesus also says: ask, and it shall be given! Ask Jesus to give you faith! Ask also for more love for His Word, ask for more of Jesus inside of you. The more you have of Jesus and His Word inside of you, the better you will stand.

And build your faith on the rock. Jesus says that the storms, wind and rains came, but the house would still stand, because it was built on the rock, that’s Jesus and all of God’s Word.

(I say this in love, and with sadness, but in Sweden today, happiness Christianity or New Age Christianity is becoming more and more popular. They build on feelings, they hear nothing about coming trials and testing from the pulpit, nothing about sin, correction, repentance, suffering and they are promised only happiness and continuously good times as a Christian. To have Jesus in your life is the best life you can have on earth, but it’s not without testing and sometimes suffering. I am afraid that their faith will crash when the storm comes, they are in danger of being totally unprepared. They are taught that if you believe, you will never be tested, never suffer, and when the suffering comes, I believe that some will think: God has abandoned me! That faith is in great danger of crashing in the storm.)

So which faith will stand? Jesus Himself gives the answer: Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away. A faith built on the Words Jesus has spoken, and a trust in Jesus as a person, in His Faithfulness, goodness, and kindness even in suffering, and also a faith that believes that Jesus is Almighty, and has everything under control.

We need a faith that says: A Christian has both: tremendous blessings, joy, peace, grace and love, but also testing and sometimes suffering. And that says: whatever I go through, Jesus is with me, He surrounds me and holds me in His Hands, and even in my testing Jesus Christ is the same, He is still good and faithful so I can trust Him and even thank Him and be at peace.

Jesus spoke to me in a dream and said: I Am your strength, and when you thank Me, I give you of My strength. When we thank Jesus, even in trials, Jesus will give you comfort, peace, and new strength. And even if we suffer we can thank Jesus for who He Is, for what He did on the cross and for His grace and presence in our lives. in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God.

And also have your joy, your greatest blessings in being a child of God, in having God’s grace upon you, and you will be able to rejoice and thank Jesus even in prison, and that source of joy can never be taken away from you, and that joy will give you strength in testing. Jesus said that no one could take our joy away from us, and it’s the joy of being His child. Yes, testing can disturb the joy, but if you hold on to Jesus, it will come back.

I also believe that a faith with it’s home in Heaven, will stand. The African slaves in USA suffered immensely, but when they were picking cotton, they sang, about Jesus and Heaven. They endured because they were living for what’s coming, not this life. The more you live for Jesus and Heaven, the better you will stand.

Hebrews says: These all died in faith, having seen the promises afar off were assured of them, embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.

I also believe that we need a faith that has a great God. Sometimes today in the church of the West, we focus so much on my own faith, and that’s actually influenced by New Age, instead of focusing on Him, in whom we believe! We need a faith that knows who our God is and how great and strong He Is. It’s not a problem if I have only a little faith, if I have a great God, that I know and trust!

So read the Bible about the great miracles and works of the Lord. Remember how Jesus split the Red Sea in two, how the children of Israel walked unharmed, even with dry feet, across the Sea, and the great army of Pharaoh was drowned. Read how the Lord made the sun stand still while the Israelites defeated their enemies under Joshua.

Remember how the three young Hebrew men were thrown into the burning oven, how they refused to abandon their God even in the face of death, and how they were mocked: what God can save you out of my hand, said Nebukadnezzar? But Zephaniah 3:17 says: The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save. The Mighty One of Israel, the Son of Man, was in the oven. He covered them with His Hand, and they stepped out totally unharmed, and the fear of God fell upon every one who saw it.

Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. What Jesus, the Lord, did then, He can do today. Jesu Anaweza! Jesus is able! Jesus can deliver you from any unthinkable situation, because all things are possible with God. Even when you face death, Jesus can deliver you.

But one day this life ends, and some people are called to give their lives for Jesus Christ, like 11 of the apostles. But even then Jesus is Faithful. You can face death like Stephen, the first martyr. He looked up into an open Heaven, and he said: I see the Heavens open and the Son of Man standing upon the right Hand Side of God the Father. He was given such grace, that he was free from fear, full of peace, and he saw Jesus.

(And the Bible says that Jesus SITS on the right Hand side of the Father, but here Jesus is standing. I believe that it means that Jesus was longing to take Stephen home, Jesus was rejoicing saying: come, My beloved child, to be with Me for Eternity, come from the hard life on earth, and be with Me in Heaven. You can meet even death victorious, full of grace, peace and even joy. In our flesh it’s impossible, but in the Spirit, by God’s grace, it’s possible.)

So we can trust Jesus fully. Yes, hard times are coming, and we should prepare. Build your faith by Reading the Word, ask Jesus for more of Him, more of the Spirit, more faith, more trust. Read about the faithfulness of God, the great miracles and wonders of God, see the strength of His Right Hand, spend time in the Bible and in prayer. Get to know Him better. And meet the future full of confidence and trust in Jesus.

Because Malachi 3 says: Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, And the Lord listened and heard them; So a book of remembrance was written before Him For those who fear the Lord And who meditate on His name. 17 “They shall be Mine,” says the Lord of hosts, “On the day that I make them My jewels. And I will spare them As a man spares his own son who serves him.

The judgement of God will come, especially upon the West, but through it all Jesus will be Faithful. He can not deny Himself. Jesus will carry us through the stormy waters, and Jesus will come to us walking, full of grace and peace, and say: don’t be afraid! I Am.

Psalms 91 says: He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Yes, Jesus even says: be of good cheer! Rejoice! I Am coming soon, and you will be victorious, because I have overcome the world, I have already won the victory, and I give you My victory, My glory, to you by grace through faith. You are going to Heaven to be with Me, in Eternal grace, peace and joy.

Prayer. More faith. More of Jesus. More love for the Word.


  1. Again I’m reminded of the great Word that came from the Lord to encourage us in the time we’re in.


  2. Mycket bra och tänkvärt! Otroligt viktigt som jag också har fått till mig via andra Herrens tjänare, att ta tid med Herren. Umgås med Honom och ta tid med att läsa Guds Ord! Vi lever i allvarliga tider… Hjälp mig Jesus så att jag inte sover eller förlamas av oro utan får kraft att göra det Du vill och att vara på rätt plats i rätt tid. Omsluten av Dig och du i mig…

    Guds rika välsignelse Konrad!

    • Tack kära Maja, misstänker starkt att det är Maja Bork? Oavsett vilken Maja det är, så säger jag tack och Gud välsigne Dig!

      • Japp! Det är jag det Konrad.?Var Välsignad! Det blir då jag när jag läser eller lyssnar till det du skriver eller predikar.?

        • Tack kära Maja! <3

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