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Sermon on the Prophecy of Valdres (English/Bengali)

Posted on 18 Apr, 2018 in All languages, Bangla, English | 0 comments


Sermon on the Prophecy of Valdres in Bangladesh (English/Bengali)


This is my translation of the prophecy.

“I saw the world as a map rolled out before me. I saw Europe – country by country. I saw Scandinavia and Norway. I saw some things that would happen shortly before Jesus comes back (and the time of the church is over). A calamity that we never before have seen anything even close.

Before Jesus comes back and the Third World War breaks loose, there will be a period with detention like never before. It will be peace, and that period of peace will last long. During that period there will disarmament in many countries, so also in Norway. The Third World War will start in a way that no one had expected and from an unexpected place, and we (Norway) will be as unprepared as in April 1940.

I saw that there will be a lukewarmness among Christians as never before. A falling away from true and living Christianity. The Christians will not be open for soul searching preaching before Jesus comes back. They will not listen to sin and grace, The Law and the gospel, penance and repentance. Instead there will be a new kind of preaching, a form of happiness Christianity. It will be about being successful and getting forward. It will be about material things in a way that God never had promised. Churches will be more and more empty. Instead of preaching about picking up the cross and following Jesus, there will be entertainment, art and culture, where there should have been revival, anguish and services for conversion. This will happen to a large extent before Jesus comes back and the calamity breaks loose over us.

There will be a moral collapse that Norway has never seen before. People will live together as if they were married without being married. There will be a lot of impurity before marriages and there will be a lot of unfaithfulness within the marriages. Yes, even in the Christian marriages unfaithfulness will come and they will be dissolved. Even perverse sins, sins against nature, will be spread and will even be accepted among Christians.

Right before Jesus comes back there will be TV-programs shown as we have never seen before. TV will be filled with such a terrible violence that it will teach people to murder and kill each other and it will be unsafe to walk in the streets. People will start to do what they see on TV and this will be shown not only on TV, but also on many other places. It will be exactly the way it is today on the radio. We will be able to tune in one program after another, and it will be filled with violence and people will use it as entertainment. The worst thinkable scenes of murder and violence towards others will be shown and this will spread in the society.

There will be shown scenes of sexual inter course. The most intimate things that take place in a marriage will be shown on TV. It will happen and you, Emanuel Minos, will see it fulfilled. Laws that we have today will be broken down and the most inappropriate things will be shown before our eyes.

People from poor countries will pour and flood into Europe. They will also come to Scandinavia and Norway. People will dislike that they are here and will be hard towards them. They will be more and more treated the way the Jews were before the war. Then the measure of our sins has become full. This will take place right before the return of Jesus Christ and the Third World War breaks loose.

The war starts as a small conflict, an insignificant conflict. But it will not stop. It will increase and spread. At the end it will develop into a Great War. At the end of the Great War terrible weapons will be used, among them nuclear weapons. Air, soil and water will severely polluted. The air will be so polluted that it will be impossible to breathe it and that will happen on many continents; America, Europe, Japan and Australia – the rich countries. The water will be polluted. We will not be able to have agricultural there.

The result will be that there is a small remnant left. Those who are left in the rich countries will try to flee to the poorest countries, which have not been damaged, but they will be treating us the same way as we treated them and will not be so willing to receive.

I am happy that I will not have to live to see this, but when the time is drawing near you must take courage and travel around and warn and tell people this that I have seen.”


3 VK
Andra profetior tex Wilkerson
We see signs in Syria and North Korea.
I believe it’s coming
But we don’t know when.

Some advice: don’t look so much at the news. It will fill your heart with fear.

No, get your news from The Bible. This book tells you what will happen. God has all things in His Almighty Hands, both the First, Second and a possible 3 WW. So don’t be afraid! Stay calm and close to Jesus. Jesus will win!

Carter Conlon

Use this time to prepare. Make sure you get steadfast in Christ. Read the Word of God. Get closer to Jesus. Prepare by walking even closer to Jesus already today, more eager to seek Him. But don’t stop serving the Lord. Serve Him faithfully with the tasks He has given you. Take each day as a day of grace from the Hand of God to serve and follow Jesus.

God is Almighty. He can do anything. No one can touch you unless God allows them to, and then He is saying: come home to Me, My child. And Jesus could preserve Sadrek, Mesak och Abed-Nego in the oven, He can preserve you, no matter what you go through.

And remember: this is the birth pains. Something new is being born. A new world, a new era, the Kingdom of God is coming, and the Devil doesn’t like it, but he can’t stop it. Jesus Christ will come back soon and then He will rule and reign forever.

Jesus said: when you see all these things, lift up your heads because your deliverance draws near. (Check)

Happiness Christianity


How can you identify it? I will tell you What it looks like

(faces, lifestyle, preachers walk as enemies of the cross of Jesus Christ)
teaching: here and now contrary to next life, wealth, health, spiritual authority, success, much attention to miracles, signs, healing and wonder, but less speaking about the cross, salvation and focus on preaching the Word of God)

My impressions from the Methodist Church
Preach Christ (I don’t understand what you preach, in your faces, I feel it in the spiritual atmosphere, I see it in your character, in how you handle and speak about money = you treat money as if unimportant)
I am so happy about the Methodist Church here.
I believe that the Methodist Church in Bangladesh today is not influenced by this American gospel
And I pray to God: let it stay this way! Hold on to Christ! Because this gospel will come and also try to get into your church.

I Plead to the leaders and the members of the Methodist Church: protect the Methodist Church from this gospel. Guard the sheep! Don’t let the wolves come in and hurt the sheep! This gospel sounds so positive and good, but it will ruin the life of Christ within you. It will lead people away from Christ. I say this in tears.
That is what this prophecy says, it’s what the American preacher David Wilkerson said, he warned about this gospel.

And I also warn you about this. I love you. I love Jesus. I want you to get to Heaven. That’s why I tell you this.


But rejoice! Rejoice in the Lord! The Kingdom of God is coming! Jesus is coming back. Stand firm.

Thank you for this conference and for giving me the grace to speak.

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